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Since 2012, we’ve been working on a complete water treatment system. we’ve been working on a complete water treatment system.

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Welcome To City Water Purifier

In Bangladesh, the city water purifier (CWP) is the industry leader in water purification technology. Since 2012, we’ve been working on a complete water treatment system. CWP is an importer of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment and other solutions for home, commercial, and industrial use. Also, we work at Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh and provide Water Purifier Services.

In the fierce international water purifier Bangladesh market rivalry, this company has consistently advanced and achieved favorable results. It quickly rose to the top of the Bangladeshi business world.

It is well-known for its ability to provide customers with water solutions of any size, at any point in the water cycle. City Water is a company that focuses solely on water and water treatment technology. We continue to add to the unique technological and scientific application expertise that has been built over the last 10 years. City Water has dealt with issues that arise during the development, installation, and maintenance of single point-of-use purification systems, as well as significant projects requiring interaction with architects, consultants, and clients.

In addition, the company has developed a high-level youthful staff and constructed a complete set of innovative marketing systems, all based on the premise “Drink Better, Live Better.” We will do our best to become the most excellent professional company water purifier in Bangladesh with our superior management experience, extensive history, and stable market foundation.

Our Services

House Hold Water purifier Service

We provide the best house hold water purifier service in Bangladesh!

Drinking Water Plant (DWP)

The Drinking Water Plant is a treatment facility that provides clean drinking water for the city.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Plant

Swimming pool water treatment plant is a system that is used to clean and purify water for a swimming pool.

Iron Removal Plant

Iron Removal Plant is a water treatment facility that removes iron from water.

Demineralization Plant (DM)

Demineralization plant is a facility that removes minerals from water.

Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO)

Reverse osmosis plants are used to purify water by removing dissolved minerals and other impurities.

Industrial softener

Industrial softener is a device that is used to soften water in an industrial setting.

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Water treatment plant is a facility where water is treated to make it safe for human use.

Sewage Water Treatment Plant (STP)

Sewage water treatment plant is a facility where sewage is treated before being discharged into the environment.

Booster Pump and Pumping systems

Booster pumps are designed to increase the pressure of an existing fluid.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Effluent treatment plant is a treatment facility for wastewater that is discharged from industries and other commercial facilities.

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Waste water treatment plant is a facility where water is treated to remove pollutants before it is released back into the environment.

What We Do

We are able to deliver a significant competitive advantage to our clients across a wide range of City Water Purifiers. For Ex: City Max Water Purifier, City Prime Water Purifier, City Supreme Water Purifie, Alkaline Water Purifier, City Gold Water Purifier, City Water Doctor, City Royal, and non-profit sectors worldwide through our continued commitment to research and product development activities, investment in innovation, world-class technical expertise, quality, and the environment.

Our Sediment Filter, Granular Activated Carbon Filter, TDS Meter, PH Meter, Pressure Meter, Conductivity Meter, Flow Meter, 50 GPD RO Membrane, 60 GPD RO Membrane, 100GPD RO Membrane, 4040 RO Membrane, 8040 RO Membrane, Booster Pump, Pumps, membranes, filters, meters, and control equipment with excellent performance are widely used in a variety of demanding commercial, industrial, and military applications.

Chemists, microbiologists, and water treatment and facilities management specialists who need to precisely test and monitor the quality of water and other solutions can benefit from our high-performance water quality analysis equipment.

Our product line includes biocide test kits, comparator tests, corrosion monitoring services, portable incubators, Legionella analysis equipment, and laboratory services; microbiology monitoring equipment, electronic meters, test strips, titration tests, and professional in-field test kits; and microbiology monitoring equipment, electronic meters, test strips, titration tests, and professional in-field test kits.

We have a team of professional employees to market water filters and a huge crew to service the machines that have been installed; both teams are available to serve our clients between the hours of 3 a.m. and 365 days a year. We have two showrooms in the capital city of Dhaka, each with a substantial storage facility.

Our specialization

Experienced technician: We give experienced technicians who are both professional and caring. We make every effort to provide outstanding home appliance repair service to our customers. Your expectations will not be lowered as a result of our services. We will provide excellent service to you.

Low-cost service: If you’re concerned about the expense of your service, we offer low-cost water purifier repair and servicing with no hidden fees. We make every effort to provide the best water purification services possible. However, if it needs to be replaced or installed, you will be responsible for the replacement or installation expenses.

Quick service: Our highly trained technicians can work quickly and efficiently. They are capable of resolving issues with care and speed. As a result, consumers do not have to wait long for repairs. You may also get the best emergency water purifier repair service in a very quick time if an emergency arises.

Service warranty: Our water purifier repair service is covered for seven days. Furthermore, if you follow the water purifier maintenance guidelines, the service will last longer.

Ensure safety: Our experts and other personnel are dependable in ensuring correct machine care, maintenance, and security. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the other components of your water purifiers.

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We deliver all products by our own selves in whole country.

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Our Aim

Our strategy is to run a deliberate business which is customer friendly as well as we ensure our quality by giving a smooth service.

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After testing sample water, our expert engineers make the plant design neatly.

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After sale service

Our customer support team followup all our services regularly. We give service within 5 hours for emergency problem regarding our products.

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Quality Control

Our Quality Control team do tests of your sample water in our own lab to ensure the quality.

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We do install by our expert technicians under the instructions of our engineers and Quality Control team.

Our Recent Projects

Customer FAQ ?

The amount of electricity used by water purifiers is insignificant. It consumes 25 watts of electricity. If a family consumes 15 liters of drinking water per day, their annual electric consumption will be around 1.52 units. The power consumption of different models may change slightly.

The filtered water can be used for up to 48 hours. After 48 hours, we recommend discarding the water, refilling it, and drinking it.

In drinking water, there are two types of contaminants: suspended and dissolved:

a) Suspended pollutants like dirt, dust, sand, germs, viruses, and other contaminants

b) Dissolved pollutants such as pesticides, arsenic, and fluoride, as well as heavy metal salts such as mercury, lead, copper, and cadmium.

Water purification is the process or method by which water is purified of impurities of any kind. Physio-chemical contaminants to microorganisms are among the pollutants. Depending on the nature of the contaminants, the water purification process may include several processes. These processes may vary depending on the type of water.

Water molecules are driven through a 0.0001 micron semipermeable membrane by water pressure in reverse osmosis. A line of TFC (Thin Film Composite) sheets is expertly bonded together and wound up in a spiral around a hollow core tube. The size of these tubes is determined by the amount of water that needs to be treated. The reverse osmosis purification method is primarily used to reduce the’salt content’ of water.

Cost and purification to the point of usage are the two primary or vast differences between purified and bottled water.

Water that is physically, chemically, and microbiologically pure is provided by an effective water purifier. It also assures that the water is 100 percent pure at the moment of usage, with no chance of contamination. At the point of usage, bottled water is not filtered. As a result, if strict quality control measures are not followed, there is a risk of recontamination. When bottled mineral water is drank on a daily basis, it becomes costly.

Water treatment is similar to any other type of treatment. The key to treating the water is to discover out what’s wrong with it. The proper purification technology must be chosen based on the TDS of the water input

That is a common misunderstanding! Aqua guard does not deplete your drinking water of important minerals. There is a mineral modulator in the water that is specifically intended to induce electromagnetic vibrations. This helps to keep the vital minerals in the water and prevents the production of mineral scale inside the UV chamber.

Cool, clean containers, preferably made of steel or glass, should be used to keep the filtered water.

It is better to change the stored water every two days for sanitary reasons. The water in the storage filter tends to proliferate bacteria, thus it should be used and replaced on a regular basis.

Drinking water should have a TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) value of 500 ppm (parts of salt per million parts of water) or less, according to the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). If such quality is not available, a compromise level of up to 2000 ppm water can be used.

Reverse osmosis, often known as hyper filtration, is the most advanced filtration method currently accessible. The most convenient and effective form of water filtering is reverse osmosis (RO).

The method of forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane under pressure with a pore size of 0.0001 micron (equals to 0.00000004 inch!) is known as reverse osmosis, and it is the technology used to manufacture bottled water. Non-RO water filters are far less effective, and the pore size of this filter media is significantly larger. Only up to their micron rating can they filter out coarse particles, sediments, and elements. Most dissolved chemicals cannot be filtered out at finer levels. As a result, compared to Reverse Osmosis filtration, the water is significantly less pure and safer.

Rainwater, which starts its natural cycle as rain, comes into contact with a variety of contaminants before reaching your tap. Total Dissolved Solids are the numerous minerals (including heavy metal ions) and salts that have been dissolved by water during this cycle (TDS). The PPM (parts per million) value of inorganic dissolved compounds in water is measured by a TDS meter.

Pesticides, rust, heavy metals, arsenic, and fluoride, among other dissolved impurities, are detrimental to the human body. They also make water taste bad. When these dissolved contaminants are removed from water using the appropriate water purifier, the water becomes both healthful and tasty.

Boiling destroys bacteria and viruses, but it doesn’t get rid of hazardous dissolved pollutants including pesticides, rust, heavy metals, arsenic, fluoride, and other toxins. Boiling water only aids in the removal of physical contaminants found in water. Cholera, hepatitis A and B, jaundice, typhoid, and even cancer can all be caused by the presence of such pollutants in water.

The purifier can readily produce pure drinking water for more than 5 years with regular maintenance.

Is it more expensive to use a RO water purifier instead of packaged drinking water?

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12:32 03 Jan 22
Been a constant user of their service for over two years. Excellent service, great quality equipment and overall very satisfy with their service. Highly recommend City Water Purifier.
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09:33 19 Mar 21
Bangladesh no 1 water purifier.Good service, excellent quality product
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10:02 01 Mar 21
Best water Purifier in bd,After sels service so good
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12:13 24 Feb 21
City water purifier is one of the best purifier company ..they provide best service & best products...
sarder mahfuzsarder mahfuz
11:02 05 Nov 20
An trusted water purifier company, good services with best Product..

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