Alkaline Water Purifier

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Buy Alkaline Water Filter in Bangladesh 

The harmful chemicals that are found in your drinking water are removed by an alkaline water filter. Moreover, they raise the pH of the water, making it better for your body. It’s interesting to note that alkaline purifiers use less water during the filtration process. Because they make the water you drink healthier, alkaline water purifiers are the future of water purification.

Also, you can keep purified water using the storage that is included with these water purifiers. Online stores like City Water Purifier are perfect if you want to purchase an alkaline water purifier. We provide you with a huge selection of goods at low costs. You may get brands like Aqua Fresh RO + UV + Alkaline Water Purifier (15L), Havells Max Alkaline RO + UV Water Purifier (7L), Blue Star Opulus RO + UV + UF + IBT + Alkaline Water Purifier (8L), and more.

Buy Best Alkaline Water Purifier from City Water Purifier 

We all know that water is just as essential to human life as oxygen. Everyone needs it, including humans, animals, and plants. However, the majority of the water on Earth’s surface is contaminated and not suitable for human use. We must always drink clean, safe water if we want to live a long and healthy life. Because of this, the idea of water purifiers was developed.

The removal of dangerous chemicals and contaminants from your drinking water is made possible by water purifiers. Alkaline water purifiers and UV water purifiers are the two main categories of water purifiers today. These water purifiers work by removing and reducing the water’s acid content to turn it alkaline. This raises the pH level of the water, making it suitable for drinking and safe.

You may purchase a water purifier from the convenience of your home thanks to online shopping. There is a wide selection of water purifiers available from reputable companies including

These water purifiers may cost anywhere between BDT 5000 and INR 20000.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing an Alkaline Water Purifier 

If you’re preparing to buy a water purifier for your home, you should probably take into consideration a few elements that might help in your decision-making. The type of filter and the filtration method should be one of the first things to consider. Filters of various kinds, including sediment filters and pre-activated carbon filters, may be included with water purifiers. Any observable impurities and major pollutants are removed from the water by the sediment filter.

The RO membrane’s lifespan is increased as a result. Pre-activated carbon filters help prevent organic material from giving the water a smell by removing them. Water can be even more filtered by using purifiers with ultraviolet protection, which can eliminate bacteria and other germs. The purifier’s capacity is a further vital consideration. Always determine the capacity based on the size of your family.

Alkaline Water Purifier Price in Bangladesh 

The cost of an alkaline filter water can vary depending on several factors, including brand, capacity, features, and additional filtration technologies. In Bangladesh, you can find a wide range of alkaline water purifiers to suit different budgets.

Here is a rough estimate of the price range you can expect for alkaline water purifiers in Bangladesh:

  1. Basic Models: Entry-level alkaline water purifiers in Bangladesh may start at around BDT 10,000 to BDT 15,000. These models typically offer basic filtration and alkaline ionization features.
  2. Mid-Range Models: Mid-range alkaline water purifiers with additional features such as UV sterilization, multi-stage filtration, and larger capacity may cost between BDT 15,000 to BDT 25,000.
  3. High-End Models: Premium alkaline water purifiers with advanced technology, larger capacity, and sleek designs can be priced between BDT 25,000 to BDT 50,000 or more.

It’s important to consider your specific requirements and budget when choosing an alkaline water purifier. Additionally, factor in ongoing maintenance costs, such as replacement filters, to ensure the long-term affordability of your chosen system.

List of Alkaline Water Filter Price in Bangladesh 

  • City Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier – Price:  14,500.00
  • Alkaline Water Purifier (RO System) – Price:  11,000.00
  • Alkaline Water Purifier (RO+UV) – Price:  13,000.00


Alkaline filters offer numerous potential health benefits, including pH balance, antioxidant properties, improved hydration, and enhanced digestion. In Bangladesh, these systems are available at various price points, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers. When considering an alkaline water purifier, be sure to assess your needs and budget to find the most suitable option for your household. Prioritizing clean and purified water is a vital step towards a healthier lifestyle.