Lan Shan Water Purifier

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Lan Shan Water Purifier Price in Bangladesh

Every cell in your body uses water. Your body uses water to transport nutrients, oxygen, and waste materials to and from the cells and organs.

All harmful substances cannot be removed from water using traditional procedures.

City Water Purifier can help you choose the ideal water purifiers for your house and can supply Lan Shan Water Purifier in Bangladesh!

For the home, office, or industrial, City Water Purifier offers the most cutting-edge Lan Shan RO Water Purifiers, which are especially created for the diverse and variable water conditions in Bangladesh.

To produce clean, pure, and safe water with higher purity, these water purifiers precisely purify water using a multi-stage hyper-purification method.

Reverse osmosis is a state-of-the-art technique that has been widely praised for its ability to remove physical, chemical, and biological contaminants from the water while also providing efficient pre- and post-treatment modules.

Furthermore, Lan Shan successfully eliminates contemporary poisons including pesticides, dangerous chemicals, cysts, lead, and more. This product is available from City Water Purifier at lowest price.

Using the special abilities of a semi-permeable membrane, the RO Purifier System limits the passage of dissolved ionic material while allowing fluid to pass through.

Pure water will pass through, leaving most of the contaminants behind, when pressure from the RO Water Purifier is applied to unclean water on the side of such membrane materials.

How Does Lan Shan Water Purifier Works?

By removing sediment and other contaminants, a water filter makes water safer to drink and use for other purposes including bathing, cooking, and dishwashing.

To gather contaminants and prevent them from polluting your water and getting to places like your kitchen sink, water filters always use a combination of different types of carbon media.

Both water filters and purifiers remove contaminants from water, the same function. While biological contaminants are destroyed and minerals from the water are removed by water purifiers, which go one step further.

Water purification is the process of removing unwanted chemicals, biological pollutants, suspended particles, and gases from water.

Water that can be used for a number of things is the goal. Water can be used for industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical purposes as well as to being cleaned and disinfected before being used for drinking purposes.

Throughout history, water has been cleaned in a number of different methods.

List of Lan Shan Water Purifiers Price in Bangladesh

  • Lan Shan RO+Mineral-101 – Price: 16,500.00
  • Lan Shah 101-MF+UV – Price: 18,500.00
  • Lan Shan (RO+Mineral)-575G – Price: 19,500.00
  • Lan Shan RO 171 – Price: 81,000.00
  • Lan Shan RO-200G – Price: 48,000.00
  • Lan Shan RO-929-CAR – Price: 57,000.00
  • Lan Shan RO-1550-G – Price: 23,000.00


Any home needs to have a water filter. As a result, you should always take precautions while making a purchase. Before making a purchase, think about the performance and quality of the water purifier.

There are many different Lan Shan water purifier brands and models available from City Water Purifier.

Before deciding, do some research and check internet reviews. Considering that your health and wellbeing are at risk, get the best water filter you can afford!

If you need help choosing a water purifier for your house, City Water Purifier is always happy to help. The best Lan Shan water purifiers for daily usage are discovered in Bangladesh!