Reverse Osmosis (RO System)

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Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Price in Bangladesh

We cannot live without water in our daily lives. We are unable to imagine going a day without drinking sufficient water. It is one of the parts of our body that is most essential. But if we are not careful about the type of water we are drinking, it could be harmful to our health. Over all truth, it might be rather challenging to find a clean water supply in our nation. We are forced to clean that water before using it for drinking, and there is no better method to do this than by using a RO water purifier. The primary problem with purchasing a RO water purifier is the huge price range of water purifiers in Bangladesh.

You can find a variety of water purifiers with various features in addition to pricing. These factors could make purchasing a water purifier in Bangladesh seem quite difficult. But don’t panic just yet; we’ve got your back. We are aware of how frustrating it can be to always be confused by the many water purifier companies’ marketing tactics. Before purchasing a RO water purifier, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Reverse osmosis widely used process to remove any dangerous chemicals, compounds, and harmful objects from water as well as small germs like bacteria and viruses. With this technique, the water is cleaned in stages. It starts with a polyfilter to clean the water’s bigger molecules, moves on to a smaller poly filter to clean the smaller objects, moves on to a carbon filter to clean the biochemical, moves on to a thin film membrane to eliminate any germs or bacteria, and ends with a small carbon filter.

Everything You Should Know before Purchasing a RO Water Purifier

You must follow to a few main factors before purchasing the reverse osmosis water purifier in Bangladesh for yourself. When buying a water purifier, there are six significant factors:

  1. Total Dissolved Solids level
  2. Purification method
  3. Capacity
  4. Safety measures
  5. Maintenance cost
  6. Price

Total Dissolved Solids Level

Before purchasing any water purifier, the most crucial thing to understand is irrelevant to the device itself. This is due to the fact that, regardless of how effective of a water purifier you purchase, if your source water is unsafe for drinking, you will not be able to drink it.

Any water must have a TDS, or total dissolved solids, level below 500 in order to be drinkable. The water can be considered to be unsafe to drink if the TDS level is over 1000. Therefore, determining the quality of your source water is the first step in purchasing a water purifier.

Purification Method

You can now choose a water purifier depending on the TDS level of the water in your immediate surroundings that you have discovered. A water purifier’s primary role is to purify water. Knowing a water purifier’s purification process is therefore pretty logical.

The cost of a water purifier in Bangladesh can be strongly affected by the purifying process. RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultra Violet), and UV+RO are the three types of water filtration techniques used in modern water purifiers. These three ways of water purification are appropriate for various types of water.


It is important to know your family’s regular need for water as it takes time to filter water. You won’t run out of water this way and have to keep filling the purifier. Another factor to consider is how frequently load shedding occurs in your area. Choose a purifier with a larger capacity if the rate is high.

Safety Measures

Different filtration methods are used by water purifiers to clean the water. But when you use them frequently, they may ultimately experience harm. You must replace damaged filters as soon as possible because a water purifier that has them will not produce clean water. Your water purifier has to contain safety features that inform you to the health of your filters and when they need to be changed.

Maintenance Cost

If you believe that purchasing your water purifier in Bangladesh is the end of the process, you are sadly mistaken. As you regularly use your water purifier, it needs maintenance. Before you buy a water purifier, think about how much water purifier servicing would cost. Otherwise, you risk having a water filter that is difficult for you to manage.


Price is a factor in everything you wish to buy, regardless of how you divide it, and a water purifier is no exception. Unbelievably, water purifier prices in Bangladesh can increase pretty dramatically. As a result, you should to continuously keep an eye on the cost of the item you intend to purchase. Let’s say you’ve found a water purifier that satisfies all the criteria. However, when you go to buy it, the water purifier cost in Bangladesh is beyond of your price range. Therefore, it is better to first check the price tag before making any final decisions.

List of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifiers in Bangladesh

  • City Max Hot & Normal Water Purifier
  • Heron Elegant Water Purifier
  • City Prime RO+UV+UF+Ph Balance Water Purifier – White
  • City Supreme RO+UV+UF+Ph Balance Water Purifier – White
  • City Gold (RO+Mineral)
  • City Gold (Reverse Osmosis+ Mineral+ Ultraviolet)
  • City Gold (Reverse Osmosis+ Mineral+ Ultraviolet+ Alkaline)
  • City Water Doctor (RO+Mineral)
  • City Royel RO+Mineral
  • Commercial Reverse Osmosis System (750 Liter Per Day )


As you can see, the price of a RO water purifier in Bangladesh can differ significantly based on the type and specifications. But since you’ll be drinking the water regularly, you need always be cautious when choosing a water purifier. And if you can’t find the right one, it could have negative effects on you, your family, or your friends.

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