1500 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

Media and basel size will be use according to the level of raw water and also according to production capacity.

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City water purifier(CWP)is a leader in water treatment technology in Bangladesh.We are working for complete water treatment solution since 2012.CWP is an importer of residential, commercial and industrial Reverse Osmosis(RO) water treatment&other solution.

Feed Pump: Feed pump transfers water form the raw tank to pre-treatment unite (a.Birm, B. sand filter, c. Activeted Carbon Filter, d. Micron Filter) If Raw water tank is empty then feed pump and total plant will automatically stop.

Non-Return Bulb: When you will stop the machine after passing the  water by feed pump then  the non-return bulb will guard the water to not coming back.

Feed Pump Pressure Switch: If any vessel or Filter is block, if the pressure is more then 4 KG then the feed pump will automatically stop.

Water Sample Bulb: To justify the activity of chemical or filter in every step you have to use water sample bulb to take water.

Multi Media Filter: (media used-managanese zeolite, Anthracite, Birm, Sand, Gravel): It Removes iron, arsenic rust, sulfur, managanese, Dirt turbidity, bad taste, odor and even chlorine by using iron removal media.

Sand Filter: Reduce dust and clean water:

Actived Carbon Filter: Absorbers the Dirt, lead, chlorine, mercury and bad taste and odur, by removing these particles it will reduce the turbidity and make the water crystal clear.

Back room bracer: If there is any late to coming water from feed pump to RO high pressure pump then back room bracer will protect the vessels from any damage. so that this bulb will drag air in the vessel.

Micron Filter: also known as security filter, because it cleans the  water again and don’t spent any kinds of dust before the water goes to the next step.

Antiscalant Dosing System: you have to do ANTISCALANT dosing to protect ro membren form blocking.

High pressure pump: To supply the water through reverse osmosis membrane with high pressure.

Reverse Osmosis Unit: RO Membren removes all kinds of bacteria. It is a special Kinds of filterr which is 0.0001 micron in width. It only allows fluid to pass and also bypass other becteria and harmful/ injuries material.

Pressure meter: The pressure meter Will Show the proper Working level/skill of media.

Level Switch: When pure water tank is full then the RO machine will automatically stop (N.B: As this process depends on raw water, so it might be change according to the quality of raw water.)





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