20-Inch Sediment Filter For Water Purifier

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  • 1 pcs Sediment Filter
  • 1 micron
  • 210 Gram
  • 20″ Filter

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Description of 20-inch Sediment Filter Combo Pack

20″ Sediment Filter Combo Pack comes with 5 pieces of 1-micron sediment filters (PP). This filter reduces sand, silt, dirt, and rust particles in the water, ensuring its purity. The housing has a maximum water temperature of 125°F (52°C) and can withstand a maximum pressure of 0.5 Mpa. The 10″ filter weighs 120 grams, making it convenient to handle and replace when needed.

Features 20-inch Sediment Filter 1-Micron

Sand, Sift, Dirt, and Rust Particles For Water use only.
20 PPF Maximum Water Temperature 125 F  [52 C] and maximum Pressure 0.5  Mpa.
For Drinking water applications, do not use where the water is Microbiologically unsafe or
with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the unit.

Note: You can also order a single 1-micron Sediment Filter.


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