Alkaline Water Purifier (RO+UV)

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Product Description :

Production: 283 liter per day
Reserve tank: 3.2 gallon Pressure tank
Dimension: 18*36*44 CM
Origin: Taiwan (Assembling BD)
Filtration stage: 7
1st stage: Micron filter
2nd stage: Granular Active Carbon filter
3rd stage: Active Block Carbon filter
4th stage: Reverse Osmosis Membrane
5th stage: Taste & odor
6th stage: Alkaline
7th Stage: UV
Warranty: 18 Month
Filtration Stage: 7
Technology: Mineral RO
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Description of Alkaline Water Purifier

Introducing our cutting-edge water filtration system! With a production capacity of 283 liters per day and a spacious 3.2-gallon pressure tank. The compact design, measuring 18 x 36 x 44 cm, fits in any space. The Alkaline Water Purifier (RO+UV) is assembled in Bangladesh and originates from Taiwan. It comes with 7 advanced filtration stages and Mineral RO technology. Enjoy peace of mind with an 18-month warranty. Upgrade to healthier, cleaner water today!

Basic Treatment Stages:

Stage 1: City Gold (RO+ Mineral +UV) needs a 1-micron Sediment Filter, It is effective in removing dirt, rust, iron, and sand particles.

Stage 2: Granular Activated Carbon Filter absorbers Dirt, lead, chlorine, mercury, and bad taste and odor. By removing these particles it reduces the turbidity and makes the water crystal clear.

Stage 3: Activated Block Carbon Filter composed of high-performance carbon. It’s highly effective at reducing 17 hazardous metals.
Such as lead, radon, mercury, insecticides, odor, and chlorine: taste & odor, from potable drinking water.

Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis Membrane: RO Membrane Removes all kinds of bacteria. It is a special kind of filter that is 0.0001 microns in width.
It only allows fluid to pass and also bypasses other bacteria and harmful/injured material.

Stage 5: Post Carbon Filter removes objectionable tastes and odors to enhance the quality of your drinking water.

Stage 6 Alkaline Filter: Alkaline balances the PH of the filtered water. pH of 8 and above is the only range that is beneficial to your good health. An alkaline body fights bacterial and infectious as well as many other critical diseases. As alkaline added here, this kind of purifier is also named an Alkaline water purifier.

Stage 7 Ultra Violet: The UV light will disinfect filtered water at a normal flow rate. Provides one of the safest filtering systems available. Bacteria, Viruses, And other microorganisms are deactivated with UV.

Features of Alkaline Water Purifier (RO+UV)

  • Purifies with Reverse Osmosis
  • Lowers TDS
  • Removes Salinity
  • Removes Odor
  • Improves Test
  • Alkaline Improves PH of water
  • Dual Protection with UV

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