G-ION Anion Resin || Ion Exchange Resin

Brand: G-ion
GC-100 Styrene Serics Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin
Origin: USA

G-Ion Strong basic Anion Resin is an ion exchange resin with quaternary ammonium [- n (CH3) 3OH] introduced into the matrix of styrene-divinylbenzene cross-linked copolymer. G-Ion Anion Resin alkalinity is equivalent to a strong alkali. It has the characteristics of good mechanical strength and high heat resistance. It is widely used for pure water, high-purity water preparation, wastewater treatment, extraction of biochemical products, radioactive elements, etc.

Chemical & Physical Data

Items: Data
Ionic Form: Na
Appearance: Flaxen to chryso grain
Ionic form: Cl
Moisture Content: 50.00-60.00%
Total Exchange Capacity: ≥4.00 mmol/g
Strong f. Exchange Capacity: ≥3.70 mmol/g
Volume Exchange Capacity: ≥1.10 mmol/g
Shipping Weight: 0.66-0.71 g/ml
True Density: 1.06-1.10 g/ml
Particle Sige Range: (0.315-1.25mm) ≥95%
Lower Limit Size: (<0.315 mm)≤1%
The Effective Size: 0.45-0.70 mm
Uniformity Coefficient: ≤1.60
Sphericity After Attrition: ≥90.00%
Ph Range: 1-14





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