Cation Resin Water Softner Media

Brands: G‐ion
GC‐100 Styrene Series Strongly Acidic Ca̬on Exchange Resin
Origin: USA

General Product Description of  Cation Resin

The “G-Ion” brand GC-100 is a sort of Cation resin that has a sulfonic group (-SO3H) in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with a 7% cross-linked degree. It is used mainly to soft hard water and produce pure water, as well as used in the hydro-metallurgy and sugar producing and medicine and no sodium glutamate industry, it can be used as a catalyzer and dehydrating agent.

Executing standard: GB13659-1992    DL/T 519-2004      SH2605.01-2003

Typical physical and chemical properties:

Appearance Palm yellow to burnt brown spherical grain
Ionic form Na
Moisture content % 45.00-50.00
Total exchange capacity mmol/g ≥4.50
Total exchange capacity mmol/ml ≥1.90
Shipping weight g/ml 0.77-0.87
True density g/ml 1.250-1.290
Particle size range % (0.315mm-1.250mm) ≥95.0
Lower limit size % (<0.315mm) ≤1.0
The effective size mm 0.400-0.700
Uniformity coefficient ≤1.60
Sphericity after attrition % ≥90.00

Reference indexes in using

ITEMS Reference Value
PH range 1-14
Max. operation temperature in sodium form °C 120
Swelling upon complete conversion (Na+-H+) % ≤10
Working exchange capacity mmol/L ≥1200

Suggested Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature
Na+ form           120ºC (248ºF) max.
H+ form             100ºC (212ºF) max.
Minimum Bed Depth          0.6 m (24 inches)
Backwash Rate          50-75% bed expansion
Regenerant Concentration         8-12% NaCl or saturated salt water
Flow Rate                     2 to 7 BV/h (0.25 to 0.90 GPM/cu.ft)
Contact Time                 At least 30 Minutes
Displacement Rinse Rate                 Same as Regenerant Flow Rate
Displacement Rinse Volume                   10-15 gallons/cu.ft
Fast Rinse Rate                   Same as Service Flow Rate
Fast Rinse Volume                 35-60 gallons/cu.ft


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