Cation Resin

Brands: G‐ion
GC‐100 Styrene Series Strongly Acidic Ca̬on Exchange Resin
Origin: USA

Ionic form  Na
Moisture content  45.00‐50.00 % 
Total exchange capacity  ≥4.50 mmol/g 
Volume exchange capacity ≥1.90 mmol/ml 
Shipping weight 0.77‐0.87 g/ml 
True density  1.250‐1.290 g/ml 
Par̬cle size range  (0.315mm‐1.250mm) ≥95.0 %
Lower limit size  (<0.315mm) ≤1.0 %
The effec̬ve size  0.400‐0.700 mm
Uniformity coefficient ≤1.60 
Sphericity a̞er a̶ri̬on  ≥90.00 % 
pH range  1‐14 


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