DENG YUAN CW-929 Hot Cold & Normal RO Water Purifier (Taiwan)

৳ 68,000.00

Warranty: Motor & Adapter 1-year replacement Guarantee
Made in: Taiwan
Brand: Deng Yung
Model: CW-292
Purification Stage: 6 Stage
Family Usable: 1-5 Persons
RO Element: Membrane (USA Technology)
Reserve Tank Capacity: 12.5 Liters (MAX)
Production Capacity: 07.78(±) Liters per Hour

About DENG YUAN CW-929 Hot Cold & Normal RO Water Purifier

DENG YUAN  CW-929 Hot Cold & Normal RO Water Purifier in Bangladesh is a lucrative luxury reverse osmosis water purifier. This Purifier can give you hot, cold, and warm water at the same time with 100% reverse osmosis water. This excellent hot-cold & warm RO water purifier has a convenient re-boiling feature for making coffee, tea, or instant soup.The RO water purifier removes all dangerous germs and bacteria from the drinking water.
The RO-treated water is not only pure, but it also tastes and smells fantastic. This is due to the fact that the RO system removes around 98 percent of contaminants from tap water. As a result, the taste and odor of chlorine are no longer an issue.
Bring this reverse osmosis water purifier with you to ensure that your water is safe to drink.

Basic Treatment Stages 

Stage 1: DENG YUAN  CW-929 Hot Cold Normal RO water purifier needs a 1-micron Sediment Filter. It is effective in removing dirt, rust, iron, and sand particles.

Stage 2: Granular Activated Carbon Filter absorbers Dirt, lead, chlorine, mercury, and bad taste and odor. By removing these particles it reduces the turbidity and makes the water crystal clear.

Stage 3: Activated Block Carbon Filter composed of high-performance carbon. It’s highly effective at reducing 17 hazardous metals.
Such as lead, radon, mercury, insecticides, odor, and chlorine: taste & odor, from potable drinking water.

Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis Membrane: RO Membrane Removes all kinds of bacteria. It is a special kind of filter that is 0.0001 microns in width.
It only allows fluid to pass and also bypasses other bacteria and harmful/injured material.

Stage 5: Post Carbon Filter removes objectionable tastes and odors. Its also Known as test & Odor Filter.



Pump: Made in Taiwan
Faucet: Push Type
Purification Technology: Reverse Osmosis
Production Capacity: 50 GPD (189.00 ± Liters per Day)
Warm Water Storage Capacity: 8 Liter
Hot Water Storage Capacity: 2 Liter
Cold Water Storage Capacity: 2.5 Liter
Operating Power: 220V (DC-24V 1.2mA)
Certifications: SASO, ISO14001, ISO9001, Water Quality

Purification Stages:

1st Stage: 5 Micron Sediment (PP)
2nd Stage: Carbon (OCB)
3rd Stage: Carbon (CTO)
4th Stage: RO Membrane
5th Stage: Test/Odor Carbon(T-33)
6th Stage: Mineral Filter Cartridge

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