Gaia Carbon – Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon

  • Product : Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
  • Model : Pureo C-100
  • Test Method : ASTM, unless otherwise stated
  • Moisture : max 5%
  • Hardness : min 98%
  • Particle Size : min 92%
  • Iodine Adsorption : 1050 mg/g
  • Bulk Density : 0.45-.055 g/ltr
  • Ash : max 3%

General Description of Gaia Carbon

Gaia Carbon produces premium-quality activated carbon via self-designed unique multi-point steam activation including coconut shell, coal, and wood base materials to suit a diverse range of clients’ needs – including water and gas phase treatment, precious metal extraction, solvent recovery, food industry purification and decolorization, and more to mention.

Additional Information

Thus carbon is a high-activity coconut shell-based activated carbon manufactured by the world’s only multipoint steam activation process. This unique process creates special pore size distribution which is best suited for use in various water applications, not limited to soft drinks bottling companies, breweries, industrial process water, power plants, and protection of ion exchange resin.


Product: Coconut Shell-Based Activated Carbon

Model: Pureo C-100

Test Method: ASTM, unless otherwise stated

Features and Benefits

  • Superior Hardness
  • Maximum Density
  • High Microporous Structure
  • Clean & Low Ash

Mesh Size

  • 6 X 12
  • 8 X 16
  • 8 X 30
  • 12 X 40
  • 20 X 50
  • 30 X 60
  • 80 X 200
  • 80 X 325

Available Packaging

  • 25kg (PE Bag)
  • 500kg (Bulk Bag)

Specification of Gaia Carbon

Property Test Method Requirement
Iodine Adsorption ASTM D4607 1050 mg/min.
Ash ASTM D2866 3% max.
Moisture ASTM D2867 5% max.
Particle Size Distribution ASTM D190 92% min.
Bulk Density ASTM D2854 0.45-0.55 g/cm³
Hardness ASTM D3802 98% min.


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