Genesys Chlorine Reducer / De-Chlorinator

Brands: Genesys
Origin: UK
Model: Genesys RED

Genesys RED is a Chlorine Reducer agent for removing dissolved oxygen and residual chlorine from feed waters. Genesys RED is used in Reverse Osmosis and Nano‐Filtra̬on systems with polyamide membranes where any residual chlorine can adversely affect membrane integrity. Genesys RED will react rapidly with chlorine but rela̬vely slowly with oxygen. Genesys RED should be dosed con̬nuously to the feed water upstream of the cartridge filter. The recommended dose rate is 11 mg/L for each 1 mg/L of ac̬ve chlorine. Genesys RED is fully miscible with water in all propor̬ons, but chlorine‐free water must be used if diluted.

  • Suitable for RO and Nano‐Filtra̬on membranes
  • Compa̬ble with all types of polyamide membranes
  • Removes chlorine from feed water
  • Suitable for use in drinking water and food industry applications


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