Genesys Membrane Biocide

Brands: Genesys
Origin: UK
Model: Genesol 30

Genesol Membrane Biocide 30 is a fast-acting, broad‐spectrum biocide used for cleaning Reverse Osmosis and Nano‐Filtra̬on membranes. It can be used both on and off‐line to eliminate microbiological fouling. When used in potable water applications, Genesol 30 should be used ‘offline’. Genesol 30 is also effective in removing biofilm from pumps, tanks, and pipe‐work. The best results are obtained when Genesol 30 is used at a pH of 5.5 – 7.0. Residual Genesol 30 can be deac̬vated to harmless byproducts by using sodium bisulfite. Genesol 30 is readily biodegradable in the environment; the degrada̬on rate is enhanced at increasing pH and temperature.

Suitable for use in RO and Nano‐Filtra̬on membranes 
Effec̬ve against most micro‐organisms 
Fast ac̬ng – short contact ̬me needed 
Compa̬ble with all polyamide membranes
Easily deac̬vated to harmless by‐products 
Can be used to clean pre‐treatment systems 

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