HI-Carb – Coconut Shell Activated Carbon CC-800

  • Product : Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
  • Model : CC-800
  • Appearance : Black Granular
  • Moisture : max 5%
  • Hardness : min 98%
  • pH : 9-11
  • Iodine Value : Min 900 mg/g
  • CTC Adsorption : min 55%
  • Ash : max 3%
  • Particle Size (Mesh) : 8x 16

General Description of  HI-Carb Carbon CC-800

HI-CARB is a medium-activity granular activated carbon manufactured from a sustainable raw material source. Its enhanced microporosity makes it particularly well suited for the removal of low molecular weight organic compounds and their chlorinated by-products such as chloroform and other trihalomethanes (THMs). It is also ideally suited for the removal of oxidizing agents such as chlorine and ozone from process water. An important feature of this material is its superior mechanical hardness and the extensive dedusting during its manufacture that ensures an exceptionally clean activated carbon product.


Model CC-800
Appearance Black Granular
Moisture max 5%
Hardness min 98%
рн 9-11
Lodine Value 800-900 mg/g
CTC Adsorption: min 55%
Ash max 3%
Particle Size (Mesh) 8 x 16

Features and Benefits

  • Highly microporous structure
  • Maximum hardness
  • Excellent adsorption capacity
  • High volume activity
  • Rapid dechlorination
  • Effective removal of ozone
  • Low-filtered water turbidity

Origin: China

Typical Applications

  • Municipal drinking water treatment
  • Residential water treatment systems
  • Beverage production
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Seawater purification
  • Protection of ion exchange resins from chlorine and organic fouling

Product Testing Services

Hi-Carb’s Research and development laboratories in China and its overseas subsidiaries are equipped to perform all the standard testing required for Activated Carbons together with any other specialized product or application-related testing requirements.


Standard packaging is designed primarily to prevent the deterioration of accurately

graded granules and preclude the

adsorption of moisture or atmospheric contaminants. Other packaging criteria can be accommodated on request.

Sacks Net. 25 Kg


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