Iron Removal Plant

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Media will be use according to the level of iron in raw water and also according to production capacity

1.Feed pump: In the kind of IRON REMOVAL PLANT feed pump is the first step. In IRON REMOVAL PLANTfeed pump transfers water from the raw tank to the pre-treatment unit .if raw water tank is empty then feed pump ant total IRON REMOVAL PLANT will be automatically stopped.

2.Non-return bulb: In a IRON REMOVAL PLANT  when you will stop the machine after passing the water by feed pump then the non-return bulb will guard the water to not coming back.

3.Feed pump pressure switch :In a IRON REMOVAL PLANT  if any vessel or filter is block ,if the pressure is more then 4kg then the feed pump will automatically stop.

4.Water sample bulb: To justify the activity of chemical or filter in every step of a IRON REMOVAL PLANT ,you have to use water sample bulb to take water.

5.Multi Media filter :Media used-manganese zeolite, Anthracite, Birm, Sand, Gravel ):It removes iron arsenic ,rust, sulfer , manganese ,Drit turbidity ,bad taste, odor and even chlorine by using iron removal media in a IRON REMOVAL PLANT.

6.Sand filter : In a IRON REMOVAL PLANT sand filter reduce d cast and clean water.

7.Activated carbon filter :In a IRON REMOVAL PLANT activated carbon filter absorbs the dirt, lead, chlorine, mercury and bad taste and odor. By removing these particles it will reduce the turbidity and make the water crystal clear.

8.Micron filter: In IRON REMOVAL PLANT micron filter also known as security filter, because it cleans the water again and don,t spent any kind of dust before the water goes to the next step.

9.Level switch: when pure water tank is full in the IRON REMOVAL PLANT in Bangladesh the RO machine will automatically stop.


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