Mixed Bed Resin GER8710 Gellular Cation and Anion Exchanger

Brand: G-ion
Model: GER-8710 & GMB-8415
Origin: USA

General Description of Mixed Bed Resin

Mixed Bed Resin GER8710 is a ready-to-use mixed bed comprising a strongly acidic and strongly basic (type1) gellular cation and anion exchanger. Both components are highly regenerated and specially cleaned according to the specifications of the semiconductor industry. GER8710 concerning low TOC release and low ion leaching for one-use applications.

GER8710 is adjusted corresponding to the total capacity of the components GCER50 and GAER170 to an equivalent ratio of 1:1.


GER8710 is a ready-to-use mixed-bed resin. It is suitable for the preparation of super pure water and for the latest non-regenerable final ultra-pure water polishers in the semiconductor industry. It has a higher exchange capacity and wonderful anti-osmotic stability.



Appearance Gel type beads
Matrix Styrene – DVB
Functional Group Sulfuric acid/quaternary amine
Ionic Form H+/OH
Moisture Content  % 53 – 63
Shipping Weight g/ml 0.68– 0.78
Granularity(0.45-1.25mm) min % 95
Uniformity Coefficient min 1.60
Regeneration Level min  % 99/85


25 Ltr plain bag. Resins should be stored in their original unopened packaging in a cool dry area. An indoor storage facility with climate control between 0-40° C (32-105° F) should be used for the best results. Storage temperatures above 40° C (105° F) can cause premature loss of capacity for anion resins, particularly those stored in the OH-form. While cation resins can withstand higher temperatures (up to 80° C/175° F), it is best to store all resins under similar conditions. Storage temperatures below 0° C (32° F) can cause resin freezing.






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