Water Purification Tablets Aquatabs 33mg10 pcs

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Volume of water treatment per tablet: 5 liters during the emergency (river, pond or flood water)
10 tablets per strip
Country of origin: Ireland
Manufacturer: Medentech Ltd

Water Purifying Tablets Aquatabs 33mg Description

Aquatabs 33mg is a product of the Aquatabs brand of water purification tablets used to make contaminated water safe for drinking. These tablets are a convenient and effective way to disinfect water in various settings.
It includes:
1. Outdoor activities
2. Emergency situations and,
3. Areas with unreliable access to clean water.

Some information about Aquatabs water treatment tablets:

a. Active Ingredient: Aquatabs typically contain sodium(NaDCC) as the active ingredient. When dissolved in water, NaDCC releases chlorine, which acts as a powerful disinfectant, killing or inactivating harmful microorganisms.
b. Purpose: The primary purpose of Aquatabs is to eliminate waterborne pathogens. Pathogens are such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. These tablets are especially effective against common waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery.
c. Usage: To use Aquatabs for water purification, 

Follow these general steps:

  • Fill your water container with the water you want to treat.
  • Drop the appropriate number of Aquatabs into the water, based on the tablet’s instructions and the volume of water.
  • Seal the container and gently shake it to ensure the tablets dissolve and distribute the chlorine throughout the water.
  • Allow the treated water to sit for the specified contact time. Which ranges from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the tablet dosage and water temperature.
  • After the required contact time, the water should be safe to drink.

4. Taste and Odor: One common drawback of using Aquatabs is that they can sometimes impart a slight chlorine taste and odor to the treated water. This taste can be reduced by pouring the treated water back and forth between containers to aerate it. Or by using a flavor-neutralizing tablet if available.

5. Effectiveness: Aquatabs are highly effective at disinfecting water and rendering it safe to drink. Water is safe by killing or neutralizing a wide range of waterborne pathogens. They are a trusted choice for water treatment in many parts of the world where access to clean water is limited.
7. Storage: It is important to store Aquatabs in their original, tightly sealed packaging. keep them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Check the end date regularly, as the effectiveness of the tablets may decrease over time.
8. Limitations: Aquatabs are excellent for disinfection. They do not remove particulate matter, chemicals, or heavy metals. In very turbid or chemically contaminated water, you may need to combine water purification tablets with additional filtration or treatment methods.
Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using Aquatabs.
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