Top 10 Water Purifier Brands in Bangladesh 2024

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Water is one of the most important resources on our planet, and access to clean and safe drinking water is essential for a healthy life. In Bangladesh, the water quality is often poor, and many people rely on bottled water. They rely on water purification systems to ensure that they are drinking clean water. With so many water purifier brands available in Bangladesh, it can be challenging to choose the best one. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best water purifier brands in Bangladesh. Depending on their quality, performance, and customer feedback.

There are top 10 water purifier brands available in Bangladesh, and some of the best ones are:

1. City Water Purifier 

City Water Purifier

For everyone, different areas require different water purification technologies, not just one technology. In terms of the environmental conditions in Bangladesh, each area needs a specific water purifier technology. 

For example, in Khulna, Bagerhat, and Satkhira, where there is chloride or salt in the water, reverse osmosis technology is needed. In Dhaka, where the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of water is generally below 300, reverse osmosis technology is not necessary. 

City Water Purifier is the only company in Bangladesh that provides you with water purifiers based on the technology you need. 

Wherever there is high hardness and TDS in the water, City Water Purifier provides reverse osmosis technology.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is an extremely effective water purification process that is widely used to remove unwanted ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. 

City Water Purifier has brought Korean Hollow Fiber Membrane technology to Bangladesh, which will give you 100% pure and natural mineral water.

HFM technology works somewhat like the tissues of a plant, absorbing pure water from the soil. This machine doesn’t require electricity to purify water.

Advantages of HFM technology products:

⭕ No need for any electricity, so no extra electricity bill

⭕ No hassle of electric parts getting damaged,

⭕ Just connect it directly to the water line, you can install the machine yourself and change the filters regularly.

City Water Purifier has brought Nano FACT technology. In the organization of the European Union, a group of talented researchers from the Bio Sense Institute have tirelessly worked on Nano Particles and achieved success. They have named this developed technology Nano FACT. Further, according to a study published in the Environmental Science & Technology journal, for the first time, it is found that Nano FACT is capable of removing all bacteria and viruses present in water.

The Nano FACT filter cells are made from nano fibers. No matter the cause, whether it’s organic or any other reason causing water-borne diseases due to bacteria or viruses, none of them can pass through the Nano Fact Membrane; it’s 100% lab tested. The Prosize of the Nano Fact Membrane is 0.001 Micron, whereas the average size of the smallest virus on Earth, the Adeno Virus (AAV), is 0.2 nanometers, much larger than the Nano FACT membrane.

For even more safety, you can use a UV system or ultraviolet ray system, which is more than 20,000 times more effective than UV radiation water.

Additionally, there is Nano Silver technology where amino acids and sulfur proteins in bacterial cell membranes interact with silver, leading to deactivation. The silver mechanism acts as a disinfectant.

With Hollow Fiber (UF) membrane and nano silver in City Water Purifier, your family will get 100% pure and natural mineral water.

You’ll find that each of our products is universal or common in size, so you can place it anywhere and easily change refill filters.

Furthermore, we ensure top-notch service through our customer support software.

We are initiating the first #PURITY_CHALLENGE in Bangladesh. We test our supplied machines’ water from ICDDR,B, BUET, science lab, and if any bacteria are found, we refund your money!

City Water Purifier is called the Water Doctor in Bangladesh. They always consider your health needs and provide you with the purifier that suits your health best.

Address: Shotabdi Center, 3rd floor, 292 inner circular road, fakirapool, Motijheel-1000. (Between Arambagh and Fakirapool intersection, main road)

For more information or to order, call now.

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2. Pureit Water Purifier 

Pureit Water Purifier

Pureit is a popular water purifier brand in Bangladesh that offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of different households. The brand is known for its affordable and high-quality water purifiers. Pureit uses advanced technology to remove impurities from water. Pureit offers electric, non-electric, and RO water purifiers. Which makes it easy for customers to choose the right product based on their requirements.

To give every family 100% safe & healthy drinking water, Pureit water purifier provides a variety of cutting-edge RO & UV water purifiers, built with more than 15 years of technology experience. It uses cutting-edge research and the greatest filtering technologies to improve water with nutrients derived from nature.

Pureit water purifiers use a six-stage purification process.

These include:

  1. Pre-sediment filter
  2. Activated carbon filter
  3. RO membrane
  4. UV chamber
  5. Post-RO carbon filter and
  6. Micro-filter.

The products are designed to provide safe and clean drinking water, free from bacteria, viruses, and other impurities.

Call Now to Order: 01616125130

3. LAN SHAN Water Purifier

Lan Shan Water Purifier is a highly reputable manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems that was established in Taiwan in 1993. 

With an impressive range of products such as water purifiers, filters, dispensers, fountains, ionizers, water systems, water equipment, hi-flow manual valves, cabinet softeners, shower filters, quick filter systems, and bag filter systems, they have made a name for themselves as one of Taiwan’s leading suppliers. 

Based in Homei, Changhwa, LAN SHAN Enterprise Co., Ltd. is among the top vendors of these goods, offering high-quality products and services that have earned them a spot on Trade India’s list of approved vendors. It’s noteworthy that Lan Shan has become one of the top brands on the global market. 

This is due to the unwavering dedication of their team in product research, design, and manufacturing.

Call Now to Order: 01781818182

4. DENG YUAN Water Purifier 

Deng Yuan water purifiers have a long-standing reputation for producing dependable and safe drinking water. 

Their products are equipped with proper water filters, and replacement parts for these filters can be easily found almost anywhere. One of their exceptional products is the Deng Yuan water filter, which uses high-performance activated carbon that effectively eliminates elements responsible for poor smells and tastes, as well as chlorine, organic contaminants, and poisons. 

The water purifier is designed to maximize adsorption by allowing for optimal contact between water and carbon. To ensure the quality of the water, they use NSF-approved post-carbon. It’s clear that Deng Yuan aims to provide high-quality and reliable water purifiers to their customers, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a dependable water filter.

Call Now to Order: 01616701702

5. SANAKY Water Purifier 

Sanaky water purifiers are designed to take in contaminated raw water and filter out pollutants like sediment and germs to deliver clean water. Unlike filters, purifiers are capable of getting rid of viruses and germs, making them a more effective choice when it comes to water purification. 

Some purifiers use chemicals to eliminate or capture viruses, while others use an electrostatic charge. The Sanaky Water Purifier System leverages the unique properties of a semi-permeable membrane to allow fluid to pass through while blocking the movement of dissolved ionic material. 

When pressure is applied to unclean water on the side of the membrane, pure water flows through while leaving the majority of impurities behind. The rejection of dissolved ionic substances is influenced by their ionic charge and molecular weight. It’s clear that Sanaky water purifiers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to purify their water.

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6. KAROFI Water Purifier 

Karofi water purifiers are the ultimate solution when it comes to full water purification. Using cutting-edge Vietnamese technology for water filtration, Karofi ensures that the water you drink is pure and safe for your health. In today’s world, where the water we consume may not always be pure, it’s crucial to take every precaution to ensure that the water we drink is purified. Karofi water filters are the most efficient way to do this. With Karofi, you can be confident that your water is free of viruses and bacteria, protecting you from infections caused by impure water.

Karofi has gained recognition as one of the best water purification companies globally, thanks to its top-of-the-line technology for water purification devices. Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, Karofi’s 6-stage purification method uses reverse osmosis purification technology to offer 100 percent safety. The purifier has earned SASO, ISO14001, and ISO9001 certifications that prove the value of its technology. To top it off, Karofi offers a 365-day warranty, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind when using their product.

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7. Kent Water Purifier 

Kent is a leading water purifier brand in Bangladesh. They offer a range of products, including RO, UV, and gravity-based water purifiers. The brand is known for its innovative technology, which ensures that the water is purified to the highest standards.

Kent water purifiers use a multi-stage purification process that includes

  • pre-filtration,
  • activated carbon,
  • sediment filtration,
  • RO membrane,
  • UV disinfection, and
  • post-carbon filter.

The brand offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of different households. These products include compact and affordable models to advanced and feature-rich ones.

Call Now to Order: 0088-02-58314326-29

8. HERON Water Purifier

Heron water purifier, a Taiwanese business, has made a name for itself as the top manufacturer of water treatment technology worldwide. The company is known for its ability to provide customers with water solutions of any scale at any stage of the water cycle. With a focus on water and water treatment technology, HERON has invested in developing unique technology and scientific application expertise over the past 15 years.

HERON’s commitment to advancing its technology and expertise in water treatment is what sets it apart from other manufacturers. Their expertise in the field is continually evolving, and they are always exploring new ways to improve their products and services. It’s easy to see why HERON has become a trusted name in the water treatment industry, thanks to their dedication to providing customers with the best possible water solutions.

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9. Vision Water Purifier

The Vison water purifier is a state-of-the-art filtration system designed to deliver clean and safe drinking water for households and businesses alike. With its advanced purification technology, it effectively removes impurities such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other contaminants, ensuring that every drop of water is of the highest quality. Equipped with user-friendly features and intuitive controls, the Vison water purifier offers convenience and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for modern lifestyles. 

Its sleek and contemporary design blends seamlessly into any kitchen or office space, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Trusted by consumers for its reliability and performance, the Vison water purifier is a testament to innovation and excellence in water purification.

Call Now to Order: 08007777777

10. Walton Water Purifier

Walton Water Purifier

Walton is a popular water purifier brand in Bangladesh that offers a range of products, including RO, UV, and UF purifiers. The brand is known for its affordable and durable products, which use advanced technology to remove impurities from water.

Walton water purifiers use a multi-stage purification process that includes pre-filtration, activated carbon, sediment filtration, RO membrane, UV disinfection, and post-carbon filter. The products are designed to provide safe and clean drinking water, free from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances.

Call Now to Order: 008809606-555555

Last Words 

It is essential to choose a water purifier that suits your specific needs and budget. Before purchasing a water purifier, it is recommended to research and compare different brands and models to make an informed decision.

FAQ’s: Best Water Purifier Brands in Bangladesh

Which Brand is Best for Water Purification?

List of 10 Best Water Purifier in Bangladesh (Brands)

  1. City Water Purifier
  2. Pureit Water Purifier
  3. Kent Water Purifier
  4. Lan Shan Water Purifier
  5. Sanaky Water Purifier
  6. Deng Yuan Water Purifier
  7. Heron Water Purifier
  8. Karofi Water Purifier
  9. Aqua Pro Water Purifier
  10. Walton Water Purifier

Which Filter is best for Drinking Water in Bangladesh?

Top 10 Water Purifier in Bangladesh

  1. Alkaline Water Purifier
  2. City Max Hot & Normal Water Purifier
  3. Hollow Fiber Membrane – Hot Cold Normal Water Purifier
  4. Hollow Fiber Membrane (HFM-05) Box Type 6-Stage Nano Silver
  5. City Gold (RO+Mineral)
  6. City Gold (Reverse Osmosis+ Mineral+ Ultraviolet)
  7. Alkaline Water Purifier (RO System)
  8. Alkaline Water Purifier (RO+UV)
  9. City Water Doctor (RO+Mineral)
  10. City Royel RO+Mineral
  11. Commercial Reverse Osmosis System (750 Liter Per Day )
  12. Hot & Cool Inline System

Which Is The Best And Cheapest Water Purifier?

Water Filter Model Price in BD
Hollow Fiber Membrane – Hot Cold Normal Water Purifier ৳ 28,500.00
Hollow Fiber Membrane (HFM-05) Box Type 6-Stage Nano Silver ৳ 11,000.00
City Grand Plus Reverse Osmosis (RO+Mineral+UV ) Water Purifier ৳ 13,500.00

How do I choose the best water purifier brand for my needs in Bangladesh?

When selecting a water purifier brand in Bangladesh, consider factors such as your water quality, purification technology preferences (HFM, RO, UV, UF), budget, brand reputation, after-sales service, warranty coverage, and additional features like storage capacity or hot/cold water options.

What types of water purification technologies do these top brands offer?

These top brands offer a variety of purification technologies including HFM technology, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV), Ultrafiltration (UF), and gravity-based filtration systems. Some brands may also incorporate multiple purification stages for comprehensive water treatment.

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