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Water is a great element of Allah’s boons. There is 70% Water in the human body. Also on World’s Surface, there is 71% Water. But among all the water sources only 2.5% can drink. Climate changes, the excessive rise of population, Urbanization, industrial wastes, etc are causing environmental pollution which is also changing the quality of water from different sources. People who are drinking this water are in great danger of health. In our country Bangladesh, about 60%-70% of diseases are sourced from water and the most alarming thing is for lacking a water purifier system in Bangladesh every year around 35% of people are dying from these kinds of water carried diseases.  But can we Purified Water in the correct way? OK, let’s discuss some common methods of water purification in our country Bangladesh.

Method of Water Purifier In Bangladesh

Boiling Water

The most common and first method of Water Purifier In Bangladesh is Boiling Water. But this is not the right way. If we boil water at a definite temperature then some of the bacteria and viruses can be deal but many kinds of organic and inorganic elements like arsenic, mercury, lead, chlorine, many kinds of inorganic sales, and bad odor will not remove.

Normal Filtering

Normal Filters can only remove some solid radicals but they cannot stop germ forming. Because the diameter of this kind of filter is 5 microns but the tiniest bacteria or other microorganisms is 0.002 microns.

Normal Filtering

Halogen or Germ Kill Method

In this method, chlorine from the halogen kit can be mixed with water which is harmful. Research says that people who are drinking this kind of chlorine water are at a risk of cancer 93% more than others. So this method is not right for Water Purifier In Bangladesh.

Tube Well Water

Once tube well was a popular source of pure water in Bangladesh. But later poisonous arsenic, excess iron, lead, mercury, and some inorganic salts are found in tube well water.

Tube Well Water

Reverse Osmosis Method

This is the best method for water purifiers in Bangladesh. This system will give you a 100% pure water purifier in Bangladesh and also it will also stop germ forming in water the hole of a Ro membrane is 0.001 micron which is equal to 0.00000004 inches more easily, it’s just a small part of human hair in a count of one part of 5 lace part of a human hair.

Reverse Osmosis Method

UV Method

In this method up light focused on the water flaw which kills bacteria. But this is not right for purification. Because, as the water flaws so there is a chance e to be left some bacteria’s in the pure water tank. So it is not 100% safe. So In the methods of water purifiers in the BD Ro system is much preferable.

UV Method

Which Water Purifier Is Best For Bangladesh

Which water purifier is best for Bangladesh? Before telling which water purifier is best for Bangladesh, at first we will tell about the present conditions of drinking water in Bangladesh.  In Bangladesh, about 7.5 Crore people are drinking unsafe water. Among all water sources, about 41 percent of sources are contaminated by e-Coli bacteria. Household water sourcing by pipelines is containing the highest of these bacteria, about 82 percent. * In Bangladesh about 38 percent of tube well water sources are containing harmful bacteria. And about 13 percent tubewells are red marked for ‘arsenic. In 2017, BRAC collected water samples from 285 sources from around 24 areas in the capital city Dhaka for research. According to the report, about 97 percent of water sources are contaminated by stool bacteria.

Which Water Purifier Is Best For Bangladesh

There are many kinds of processes to purify water. But after discussing the present situation of drinking water in Bangladesh, we are highly preferring to use Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier to get pure drinking water in your everyday life. Because the eyelet-hole of a reverse osmosis filter is 0.0001 micron or 0.00000004 inches. When the tiniest bacteria’s size is 0.01 micron. So it’s impossible to pass any kind of virus, bacteria, chemical, or harmful particles into a RO membrane. City Water Purifier (CWP) is providing a high-quality membrane in every machine. In Bangladesh only we are giving you “Purity Challenge “, if you test our provided machines water from icddrb, BUET, Science Lab, etc, and found any bacteria then we will refund you. We are also offering you one year warranty with software-based customer service and an experienced technician team.

When buying a purifier for your family’s health, you must think about which purifier will be right for you. According to the source and TDS of water, you have to understand which technology is necessary to buy a water purifier.

List of Best Water Purifier Brands in Bangladesh

  1. Pureit Water Purifier (Uniliver)

Pureit Water Purifier provides clean, fresh water to your family. In any room of your home or office, you can hang the purifier on the wall or under the sink. It is made of high-quality materials that will not leak and will last for a long time.

This Water Purifiers & Filters is happy to provide a wider collection. This helps with the creation of residential and commercial water filtering and purification solutions, such as advanced multi-stage point-of-use systems and whole-house ultraviolet sterilizer systems.

Pureit offers a variety of cutting-edge RO & UV water purifiers designed with over 15 years of technology experience to provide each family with 100% safe & healthy drinking water. It uses best-in-class filtration technology to improve water with nutrients inspired by nature and cutting-edge research.

  1. City Water Purifier

The city water purifier (CWP) is the industry leader in water purification technology in Bangladesh. They’ve been working on a full water treatment system since 2012. CWP is an importer of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment systems and other solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They also work at an iron removal plant in Bangladesh and offer water purifier service.

This company has consistently advanced and achieved favorable results in the strong international water purifier Bangladesh market rivalry. It quickly climbed to the top of Bangladesh’s business world.

It is well-known for its ability to provide water solutions of any size to customers at any point in the water cycle. City Water is a company devoted entirely to water and water treatment technology. They are continuing to build on the unique technological and scientific application expertise that they have developed over the last ten years. City Water has dealt with issues that arise during the development, installation, and maintenance of single-point-of-use purification systems, as well as large projects that necessitate interaction with architects, consultants, and clients.

  1. Aqua Pro Water Purifier

Aqua Pro, based in China, specializes in the design of water systems. Customers can purchase water softeners, filters, and other products from them. They have become well-known for providing their clients with high-quality goods and customer service. Their company has spread to many countries around the world.

Aqua Pro water purifiers frequently use reverse osmosis (RO) technology. This method is very effective at removing all contaminants from water. Reverse osmosis is the most advanced purifier technology. These purifiers must be powered by electricity. Both homes and businesses can benefit from their services.

  1. Sanaky Water Purifier

The sanaky Water purifier System utilizes the unique properties of a semi-permeable membrane to allow fluid flow while restricting dissolved ionic material flow.

Purified water will flow through the Purifier pressure applied to dirty water on the side of such membrane materials, leaving the majority of contaminants behind. The dissolved ionic substance’s molecular weight and ionic charge have an impact on its rejection.

Sanaky water filters work mechanically by taking polluted raw water, filtering out contaminants like sediments and microorganisms, and then delivering clean water. There is one significant difference between the two: a purifier can remove viruses and bacteria that filters cannot. Some purifiers use chemicals to eliminate or catch viruses, while others use an electrostatic charge.

  1. Heron Water Purifier

Taiwanese company Heron water purifier is the world’s leading manufacturer of water treatment equipment. It is well-known for its ability to provide water solutions of any size to customers at any point in the water cycle.

HERON is a company that is solely concerned with water and water treatment technology. We are constantly adding to the unique technological and scientific application expertise that we have developed over the last 15 years.

Heron has dealt with problems that arise during the development, installation, and maintenance of single point-of-use purification systems, as well as large projects that require interaction with architects, consultants, and clients.

  1. Karofi Water Purifier

Karofi Group Joint Stock Company of Tecomen Group manufactures and distributes smart water purifiers and air purifiers. The goal of the company is to “become one of the top three global corporations in residential water and air solutions by 2040.”

Its purpose states are to “Protect and improve the health and living quality of everyone in the water and air environment on the lovely green planet,”. It focuses its resources on developing core strengths, such as meeting global standards with Southeast Asia’s most advanced factory.

Their products are sold in 35 countries around the world. In the water and air purification industries, they have extensive R&D capabilities. The ability to design and manufacture high-tech items that incorporate cutting-edge technologies and clever filtration features as a whole.

  1. Tecoman Water Purifier

Tecomen Water Purifier was founded in 2006. Produces, trades, and distributes water purification equipment, household appliances, healthcare equipment, and other related products.

Tecomen has evolved into a major manufacturer in Vietnam, with well-known brands such as Karofi and Korihome.

Tecomen is a major OEM and ODM manufacturer in Vietnam for the international market. Not just in Vietnam, anymore. The Group’s distribution network consists of subsidiaries, branches, and distributors throughout the country, with plans to expand into the global market.

  1. Lan Shan Water Purifier

Lan Shan Water Purifier was established in Taiwan in 1993 as a professional manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis devices include water systems, water purifiers, water filters, water dispensers, water fountains, ionizers, water equipment, fast filter systems, bag filter systems, ionized water, hi-flow manual valves, cabinet softeners, and shower filters.

LAN SHAN Enterprise Co., Ltd. has established itself as a leading supplier in Taiwan. The supplier is based in Homei, Changhwa, and is one of the top sellers of the listed products.

For the highest quality products and services, LAN SHAN Enterprise Co., Ltd. is on Trade India’s list of certified merchants.

  1. Fluxtek Water Purifier

Fluxtek Water Purifier focuses on providing clean water to people while also providing feedback to the land, based on the fundamental values of innovation, trust, and kindness.

What could be more valuable than being able to drink a cup of water? In some areas, people must go to great lengths to obtain safe drinking water. Fluxtek’s founder, Mr. Yen-Tsun Lai, discovered this issue from consumers in developing countries. It is difficult to find pure water in most parts of these countries.

After making this discovery, Mr. Lai realized that having pure water is a huge blessing. He imagined a world in which everyone could easily purchase safe and healthy drinking water. As a result, he devoted himself to the water filtration industry, founding Fluxtek with the goal of bringing clean water to every home.

Fluxtek had previously collaborated with a filter plant to improve the quality of its output. The carbon material quality of the factory. On the other hand, did not meet the standard. Mr. Lai refused to deliver filters that did not meet Fluxtek’s standards, so he stopped delivering filters to clients.

  1. Deng Yuan Water Purifier

Deng yuan water purifier has a long history of producing safe and reliable drinking water. Their water filters are of good standard. Spare parts for the filter can be found almost anywhere. Deng yuan water filter is another excellent product.

Technology from Taiwan is used. To avoid user dissatisfaction, they divided the water filtering process into stages. The filter uses reverse osmosis to completely cleanse water. has a capacity of 15+ litres per hour. It has a faucet made of stainless steel.

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    City water purifier Bangladesh. Today the need for clean drinking water has become a necessity. Every year, millions of bangladesh get infected by water borne diseases and thousands lose their lives. Gives you innovative solutions to protect your family from climatic diseases, airborne diseases, pesticides and chemicals in fruits and vegetables, bed dust and mold. Water purifier has become a critical need for healthy living and well-being of you and your family.

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