water purifier in bangladesh

Water Purifier In Bangladesh

Water is a great element of Allah’s boons. There are 70% Water in human body. Also in World’s Surface, there are 71% Water. But among all the water sources only 2.5% can drink. Climate changes, excessive rise of population, Urbanization, industrial wastes etc are causing environmental pollution which is also changing the quality of water from different sources. People who  are drinking this water are in great danger of health. In our country Bangladesh, about 60%-70% of diseases are sourced from water and the most alarming thing is for lacking of a water purifier system in Bangladesh every year around 35% of people are dieing for these kinds of water carried diseases.  But can we Purified Water in a correct way? OK, let’s discuss some common method of water purification in our country Bangladesh.

Water Purifier in Bangladesh-Method :

Boiling Water :

The most common and first method of Water Purifier In Bangladesh is Boiling Water. But this is not a Right way. If we boil water in a definite temperature then some of the bacteria’s and viruses can be deal but many kinds of organic and inorganic elements like arsenic, mercury, lead, chlorine, many kinds of inorganic sales and bad odor will not remove.

Normal Filtering:

Normal Filters can only remove some solid radicals but it cannot stop germ forming. Because the diameter of this kind of filter is 5 micron but the tiniest bacteria or other microorganisms is 0.002 micron.

water purifier in bangladesh
water purifier in bangladesh

Halogen or Germ Kill Method: 

In this method chlorine from halogen kit can be mixed with water which is harmful. Research says that people who are drinking this kind of chlorine water are in a risk of cancer 93% more than others. So this method is not right for Water Purifier In Bangladesh.

Tube Well Water :

Once tube well was a popular source of pure water in Bangladesh.But later poisonous arsenic, excess iron, lead, mercury and some inorganic salts are found in tube well water. 

water purifier in bd
tube well water

Reverse Osmosis Method:

This is the best method for water purifier in Bangladesh. This system will give you 100% pure water purifier in Bangladesh and also it will also stop germ forming in water the hole of a Ro membrane is 0.001 micron which is equal as 0.00000004 inch more easily, it’s just a small part of human hair in a count of one part of 5 lace part of a human hair.

Reverse Osmosis Method

                                                                  Reverse Osmosis Method

                                                                RO Method

UV Method:

In this method up light focused towards the water flaw which kills bacteria. But this is not right for purification. Because, as the water flaws so there is a chance e to be left some bacteria’s in the pure water tank. So it is not 100% safe. So In the methods of water purifier in Bangladesh Ro system is much preferable.


                                                 water-purifier-in-bangladesh UV method

Which Water Purifier Is Best For Bangladesh :

Which water purifier is best for Bangladesh ? Before telling which water purifier is best for Bangladesh, at first we will tell about present conditions of drinking water in Bangladesh.  In Bangladesh about 7.5 Crore people are drinking unsafe water. Among all water sources ,about 41 percent sources are contaminated by e-coli bacteria. Household water sourcing by pipelines are containing highest of these bacteria, about 82 percent. * In Bangladesh about 38 percent tube well water sources are containing harmful bacteria. And about 13 percent tubewells are red marked for ‘arcenic’. On 2017 ,BRAC collected water sample from 285 sources from around 24 areas in capital city Dhaka for a research. According to the report about 97 percent water sources are contaminated by stool bacteria.

water purifier in bangladesh
Water Purifier – City Water Doctor

There are many kinds of process to purify water. But after discussing about the present situation of drinking water in Bangladesh, we are highly preferring to use Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier to get pure drinking water at your everyday life. Because the eyelet-hole of a reverse osmosis filter is 0.0001 micron or 0.00000004 inch. When a tiniest bacteria’s size is 0.01 micron. So it’s impossible to pass any kinds of virus, bacteria,chemical or harmful particles into a RO membrane. City Water Purifier (CWP) is providing a high quality membrane in every machine. In Bangladesh only we are giving you “Purity Challenge “, if you test our provided machines water from icddrb, BUET, Science Lab etc and found any bacteria then we will refund you. We are also offering you one year warranty with a software-based customer service and experienced technician team.

When buying a purifier for your family’s health, you must think which purifier will be right for you. According to the source and TDS of water, you have to understand which technology is necessary to buy a water purifier.

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  1. As you’ve described above, we must filter water before drinking it. I agree. But It also true that sometimes we found a different taste of water after filtration. That’s for the materials contained in the water. KENT water purifier Bangladesh provides same taste water through RO water purifier. Drink safe, live safe.

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